Thanks for helping map out Port Kembla’s future

It’s no secret that the Port Kembla community is passionate and engaged. Many of you helped create the draft Port Kembla 2505 Revitalisation Plan and Implementation Plan, and when asked for your feedback on these, you delivered! Wollongong City Council heard from over 460 people in the form of 150+ surveys, hundreds of conversations and close to 1200 comments showing overwhelming support for the draft Plans. This feedback was worked into the Plans, and community photos showcasing Port Kembla were used on the front cover. The Plans were sent to Council at the end of last month, and they’ve given them the tick to go ahead! Council are excited to continue working with the community to revitalise Port Kembla.

Read the full Council Report, which includes all the details of the community engagement activities and community feedback.

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