Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers – Port Kembla Wetlands Rehabilitation Project


The Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers received $31,100 through Round 2 of the Port Kembla Community Investment Fund program for the Port Kembla Wetlands Rehabilitation Project.

The Wetlands project included:

  • Restoration the scenic amenity and habitat value of the Port Kembla Heritage Park Pond through weed removal and revegetation using 700 hours of volunteer labour. The Heritage Park Pond is on land leased and controlled by NSW Ports.
  • Engagement of community volunteers in a five month frog monitoring program to enhance community connection to Port Kembla wetland sites. Frog surveys will be done weekly and the results collated and reported. The survey will be undertaken in the breeding season from November 2018 to March 2019.
  • A community workshop help in Port Kembla for the project.
  • Activate community interest in local Port Kembla wetlands and provide practical opportunities to get involved in their restoration.

Port Kembla wetlands are known to support a small population of the critically endangered Green and Gold Bell Frog. Rehabilitation of these wetlands is a priority in helping to save this endangered species.

The project was completed in March 2019.

Port Kembla Wetlands

The Illawarra Mercury reported on this project, Port Kembla lagoon is home to the threatened green and golden bell frog, in January 2019.

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