Shopfront Upgrade Audits

Landowners will be encouraged to upgrade their facades in the town centre, through a matched financial incentive under the Port Kembla Town Centre Façade Program.

STUDIO GL and John Oultram Heritage and Design have been employed by Wollongong City Council to help with the first stage of this project, which includes a review or audit of the Port Kembla Town Centre. In this role, STUDIO GL and John Oultram are looking at the condition and quality of all the shopfronts in the Port Kembla Town Centre Area, taking photographs and making notes about buildings and shopfronts. These audits will then be shared with recommendations to businesses and shop owners at the end of March.

The work in this first stage of the project will shape the grants that will be available later in the year. This grant program will invite landowners and businesses in the town centre area to apply for funds from Wollongong City Council to help with the financial costs of upgrading and improving their shopfronts. Wollongong City Council will host an information session about the grant application process for land owners in early April.

Solar Powered Community Housing

The Housing Trust is in the process of meeting with community housing tenants to invite their participation in the Sustainable Port Kembla Upgrade Program, which includes installing energy efficient, solar electricity at their properties.

Following this, preliminary walk-through energy audits will take place. An energy consumption monitoring device will then be placed on tenants’ meter boxes, and an indoor small temperature sensor will be attached to an internal wall for monitoring before and after the building upgrades.