Hill 60

Hill 60 is a site of considerable natural beauty, spectacular views and significant Aboriginal and European heritage value. After extensive community consultation, Wollongong City Council developed a master plan for Hill 60 that identified a series of projects to enhance the amenities for residents and visitors. Council received almost $250,000 under the Port Kembla Community Investment Fund to partly cover the cost of the projects outlined below.

MM Beach car park upgrade
The carpark is a popular gathering hub on Gloucester Boulevarde for MM Beach users and visitors. The car park was redesigned and renewed with fifteen parking bays, including two accessible bays. The shared cycleway was realigned around the new carpark, and additional seating, bins and interpretative artwork and signage installed. A dog bowl and shower were put in at the beach access point.

Gloucester Boulevarde fitness equipment
Fitness equipment was highlighted as a priority for the community during the Hill 60 Master Plan development. These assets are proving popular throughout the city, and free access to gym equipment provides opportunities to improve community health and fitness. As such, a fitness station was installed just south of the Darcy Rd intersection.

Wayfinding signage
To improve ease of access and movement for visitors to Hill 60, wayfinding signs, directional signs and track markers were installed. The signage highlights key points of interest.

Tunnel safety access
A safety review was undertaken after two sets of secure gates were repeatedly vandalised to gain entry to the tunnels. We have now installed signage warning people of the risk and barriers to discourage entry. The tunnels have been cleaned up with hazards removed to improve safety to anyone still choosing to enter the tunnels. Appropriate approvals are being sought to allow works to continue on the significant structural repairs required inside the tunnels.

Hill 60 Tunnel
Hill 60 Tunnel
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