Sustainable Port Kembla Upgrade Program – Stage 1

The Housing Trust has received $312,881 from the Port Kembla Community Investment Fund to upgrade its properties in Port Kembla. The building upgrades include renovating and retrofitting community housing properties, public spaces and commercial premises with energy efficient, solar electricity generation and urban greening upgrades.

The Housing Trust is supporting the University of Wollongong to undertake a research project to measure the energy and temperature benefits that can be achieved through these building upgrades. The project is part of a long-term initiative to convert the Port Kembla Precinct into a renewable energy and sustainability hub that will act as an exemplar regional community transformation program that aims to attract new businesses and activities.

Stage One – Community Housing
The Housing Trust has a total of 20 homes within the Port Kembla area to be included in the proposed project. Tenants who choose to volunteer and partake in the community housing component of the research project will be offered the opportunity to discuss some tips to keep a more comfortable temperature and save energy in their homes.

Preliminary walk-through energy audits will be conducted, and once completed, an energy consumption monitoring device will be placed on tenants’ meter boxes, and an indoor small temperature sensor will be attached to an internal wall.

These audits and ongoing monitoring activities will then lead into evaluation, reporting and making arrangements for works and installation.

Building upgrade works are scheduled to commence in July 2017. Energy monitoring will continue to take place before and after building upgrade works.

Stage One – Port Kembla Business Precinct
The Housing Trust has allocated funding towards Port Kembla’s business precinct. It will go towards two to three pilot retrofits on commercial premises/public spaces, including 3KW Solar PV on each building, minor works to clean up the façade of buildings and ongoing contingency costs.

Proposed upgraded works for Port Kembla Business precinct are also in early stages. The University of Wollongong and Housing Trust will work together to establish what types of community spaces are to be included in the upgrades and what the upgrades are.

Preliminary walk-through energy audits are scheduled for March 2017. Building upgrade works are scheduled to commence in July 2017.